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Here you will find our catalogued range of high-quality hydraulic components, coupling systems and clamping technology. We also design and manufacture special parts according your requirements. If you have questions about our products, please call a technical consultant.

We selected these products for you.

Mounting tools for seal replacement at coupling mechanisms

product image The mounting tool enables easy replacing
the system seal of the coupling mechanisms.
These seals are subject to wear in daily
use as a result of contamination and
metal filings. The tool enhances the
service live of the coupling mechanisms.
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Clamp arms for swing clamp cylinders

product image Standard range for all swing clamp cylinders:

- single clamp arm for mounting on cone
- double clamp arm for mounting on cone
- double clamp for attachment to stud
- double clamp for mounting on cap

Special clamp arms are available on request.
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Inline pressure filters with exchangeable filter cardridge

product image Inadequate cleaned pipes and drillings
cause for many malfunctions of hydraulic
systems. In-line pressure filters in the
supply pipe and also in the return pipe
can prevent the failure of the hydraulic
system. They provide valuable prevention.
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Connecting inserts, stainless steel, ND 5/8/10/12/16/20

product image Connecting inserts with various nominal diameters
are used, when two construction units on short
distance shall be connected without standard
screw connections. They are designed for
hydraulic oil-channel connections without
pipe or screw connection.
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Pressure gauges with glycerin filling and screw plug

product image The pressure gauge with glycerin filling and
screw plug is ideal for hydraulic monitoring
stations with high dynamic pressure loads
and vibrations. It offers high safety for reading
purposes and functioning. Also fittings and
pipe bends are available.
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Pressure monitoring cylinders, hydr./mech., ND 4

product image Pressure monitoring cylinders are used in
hydraulic systems that are not connected
to a pressure generator. They convert
hydraulic signals into mechanical signals
that can be evaluated by means of electrical
or pneumatic switch units.
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Hydraulic accumulators, nominal values 13, 40 and 75 cm³

product image When using hydraulic clamping systems, internal leaks and volume changes (e.g. because of temperature fluctuations) must be balanced. These tasks are performed by the hydraulic accumulator. more information

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Contact bolts for clamping elements

product image The hardened contact bolts are suitable for
single- and double-acting clamp cylinders.
They are available with different head shapes
for piston diameter from 16 mm up to 100 mm
as well as special designs.
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